YEHAW!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO (Pixel Nudity Warning.. sorta)

Conversation posted from Main Public Chat and with Tris and Deiniols’ permission! Please do not scroll to look at the image below if you are easily offended by pixel nudity!

[23:22] Deiniol Caeran: now THAT is an interesting display
[23:24] TrisThara Magic: lol
[23:24] TrisThara Magic: i like it 😛
[23:24] TrisThara Magic: ok 2L but not scripted
[23:25] Deiniol Caeran: still waiting to load
[23:26] Deiniol Caeran: not scripted makes it less fun?
[23:27] TrisThara Magic: these you have a perm hard on LOL
[23:27] TrisThara Magic: so like if you are just walkng around the house you will be poking the dog…
[23:29] TrisThara Magic: *!!!Muahhaaahaa!!!* :)~~~~
[23:30] Deiniol Caeran: LMAO
[23:30] Deiniol Caeran takes snap
[23:31] TrisThara Magic: mmmmmmmmmm yes baby yes YES its sooo big
[23:31] TrisThara Magic: ok there was my obligatory fake it for the night
[23:31] Deiniol Caeran smirks
[23:31] Deiniol Caeran: glad we got that out of the way now, can’t compete with that
[23:31] TrisThara Magic:well you couldnt thats a LOTTA COCK
[23:32] TrisThara Magic: damn thats a whole lot of dick….
[23:32] Deiniol Caeran: lmao
[23:32] TrisThara Magic: every woman and homotaurs dream
[23:33] Deiniol Caeran: lmao!!! i bet, i feel somewhat inadaquate now….
[23:33] Deiniol Caeran: can we go see the koalas now?
[23:33] TrisThara Magic: lol

Wall Of Yehaw!

Wall Of YEHAW!

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