A Day In My SL… Dancing

Well, since this is a new blog and I lost content from a past blog I had for this, I am going to do a modge podge of things that I often do in Second Life, starting with dancing. 🙂

I love to dance in both lives, so here are a few images of dancing in SL.

Me, Nomad and Daisy Dancing @ Mance Moonwall Concert @ Nevermore Park.

Dancing Food
FOOOD!!!!!!!!! Me the StrawBREEE and Zhoom the Cream dancing at an event at the Speakeasy @ Nevermore island.

Mami Dancing
My beautiful Sis, Mami dancing @ the Speakeasy @ Nevermore Island

Beach Party
Isolde Arbenlow, Sabryne Rhode, Zhoom Aeon, Mafalada Hienrichs, Mami Deerhunter, Katie Usher, all are my sisters except for my pixel son Zhoom and my niece Mafalda. 😉 @ Nevermore Square

DJ Clad Dancin
My brother, the EVIL BAD ASS DJ, Clad gettin down djing at the US Coast Guard Ball @ Patriot Island

Dead Rockstar Bri
Dancing at the Dead Rockstar event at Nevermore Speakeasy – I am Wendy O Williams… not sure if you can actually see any parts so rating it M just in case 😛

Dancing At Patriot
Me, my brother Clad and my sister Sabryne dancing @ Patriot Island

Burning Man!
Clad DJin at Burning Life!! He’s the one in the center, I am the one closest to the camera in all black.

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