A Day in my Metaverse – Working.. Working and More Working. ;)

Sept 11, 2010

I was on a hubby imposed ban from SL today due to some things that happened the night before, and let’s just say I am in recoop from a major health issue…. I think I was lucky to have online time at all… but, I made good use of the time in Inworldz today.

Store finally dropped and items were made 😀

I tested out and put some new eyes up for sale… they will still need to be upload to SL as soon as I am allowed on but at least it was progress. I made a new information board like the one I have in QnC in Second Life with some subtle differences. Its been suggested by people before I should do them for other ppl as custom order, and maybe I will do that.

Shop Dropped In Inworldz

Shop Dropped In Inworldz


Logo I made for the shop in Inworldz

Werkin Hard

Werkin Hard

Board finished and dropped

Board finished and dropped

QnC Burst Eyes Promo

QnC Burst Eyes Promo for Inworldz

QnC Brown Leaf Promo

QnC Brown Leaf Promo for Inworldz

3 Sisters

Hanging with my sisters, Sash and Sabby


Our Version of See Hear and Do no evil, brought to you by a Metaverse. This happens on occassion in all of them. 😉 I guess you can call it Invisible, Twisted and Normal. 🙂

While I did miss a lot in SL today, I did enjoy a peaceful time working on things with out being bugged for a change. I also enjoyed playing with scripts. I managed to get an online status done that also allows a user to click it to find out if you are busy or away. Tomorrow I will add a drop box to it for ppl to leave notecards.

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2 thoughts on “A Day in my Metaverse – Working.. Working and More Working. ;)

  1. Sabby

    Ain it the TRUTH 😛 It was a productive day all in all 😉

    • Bri


      Yes but it was a fun day, even if I didn’t get to smash into you with roller skates on.

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