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Half… :)


This took place tonight between my son Zhoomie and my baby niece (his wife) THE JUJU PRINCESS OF MAF!

[18:05] Zhoom Aeon: Your half horse.
[18:05] Mafalda Hienrichs: </3
[18:05] Zhoom Aeon twitches.
[18:05] Mafalda Hienrichs: you're half gay.
[18:05] Mafalda Hienrichs: your point being? ❤

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It’s All Right To Be A Redneck!!!!!!


I am sure I am gonna take a hit for this one but… oh well, a joke is a joke, and I am a hick too… 🙂 This is me at our redneck event tonight. 🙂

[20:33] Bri McMahon: barefoot
[20:33] Bri McMahon: pregnant
[20:33] Bri McMahon: drinking a beer smoking a joint
[20:33] Bri McMahon: and WAIT THERE’S MORE!
[20:34] Bri McMahon: and i got my baby in the bar partying
[20:34] Bri McMahon: *!!!Muahhaaahaa!!!* :)~~~~
[20:34] Sabryne Rhode: lol
[20:34] Bri McMahon: how redneck is that?


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