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Things Loremasters do that PISS ME OFF!!

I play a loremaster as my main toon.. and I love the class.. however… there are some that need to use their heads when playing this class…. I also play a hunter and a guardian so some of these things will apply to the thinking of a non LM player. More will be added as I go. 🙂

1. Run around town with your animal companion with you… Annoying! I love how in the crafting hall, you have LMs with bears blocking the work spaces, etc… are you really worried about getting attacked in the crafting hall??? SERIOUSLY???!!! I know Bonnie Thatcher can be pretty intimidating, but still…. 😛

The mail box is also an issue… if you are worried that a goblin has been sent through the mail to get you… back away from your computer and run to the nearest exit of your building as quickly as you can! The men with the white coats will be there quickly to take you away!

2. Don’t read up on or understand their skills. The LM is an awesome class, and can be very effective and powerful with out being overwhelming to game balance if PLAYED CORRECTLY!

3. Afraid to get in there and play “whack a mole” with their staff… Seen the LM who forgot they had a staff in their hand, run out of power, have no potions, but forgot they can recharge with their companion?
They stand back and watch…. umm HIT HIM DUMMEH! That’s why you are carrying a big stick for, hello??

4. Similar to number 3, but totally the opposite…. ever seen the LM who forgot they are not the group tank?? They wonder why they run out of morale and die so quickly!? I guess that little blue bar and magical attacks they got has escaped them?? Just there to make their UIs more colorful?? 🙂 These are also the ppl who wonder why their REAL TANKS are mad at them for drawing all the aggro….

5. To be continued later. 🙂

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