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First time posting in FOREVER….

So… we went to a sim tonight, by we I mean me, Ace McMillan and Dawn Myst… We were playing around and… got marooned.
So we became Gilligan’s Isle.. STARRING!:

Ace McMillan as Gilligan
Me as Ginger
Dawn Myst aka Sabby as Maryanne
We decided on these other stars:
Kayle Flanagan The Dr
Jason Albers as the Skipper
Chris Nowak and Dale Carol Nowak Mr and Mrs Howell….

*Throws coconuts at Gilligan and Maryanne while waiting for the rest of the crew to show up.*

If you would like to visit this beautifully done sim (it’s actually done on a homestead and VERY well put together!) Rougham – Britannia Island


Marooned @ Rougham

Marooned @ Rougham



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Tamerlane Continent In Inworldz – Ligeia Laid To Rest.

After some issues, Ligeia was laid to rest. We still do visit Inworldz from time to time, but not often. We have branched out to OSG and working on our own grid. Stay tuned for details.

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