First time posting in FOREVER….

So… we went to a sim tonight, by we I mean me, Ace McMillan and Dawn Myst… We were playing around and… got marooned.
So we became Gilligan’s Isle.. STARRING!:

Ace McMillan as Gilligan
Me as Ginger
Dawn Myst aka Sabby as Maryanne
We decided on these other stars:
Kayle Flanagan The Dr
Jason Albers as the Skipper
Chris Nowak and Dale Carol Nowak Mr and Mrs Howell….

*Throws coconuts at Gilligan and Maryanne while waiting for the rest of the crew to show up.*

If you would like to visit this beautifully done sim (it’s actually done on a homestead and VERY well put together!) Rougham – Britannia Island


Marooned @ Rougham

Marooned @ Rougham



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2 thoughts on “First time posting in FOREVER….

  1. Ace

    so much for a 3 hour tour

  2. Sabby

    hums the theme song and helps look for coconuts.

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