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Bri McMahon

Bri McMahon

Sim-poly Metaversal has a few meanings; Sim I think is obviously simulator; poly has a double meaning… polygon which a mesh is made up of AND the fact that I am on more then one virtual world; and Metaversal is the various Virtual Worlds I escape to.

I hope to be able to help you either come into one of the various grids on the net, or to enjoy your current virtual life a little more. I hope to help you learn how to get around, keep yourself safe and informed. I hope to provide a few laughs along the way, and new friends are always a plus to me.

I am the Avatar known as Bri McMahon in Secondlife, Inworldz, and Small Worlds. My journey across the metaverse started Feb 2007, unless you include things like IRC and online communities as being a part of the metaverse. If I count those, I have been around since 1995 on the web.

I am an owner of Nevermore Island and QnC (Quaint and Curious) in Second Life; Nevermore Islands in Small Worlds, and QnC (Quaint and Curious) in Inworldz.

I like to think that I am friendly and funny, but there are times I know I am moody and quiet. Feel free to say hello sometime. 🙂

I Am:
√ Goofy √ Dorky √ Funny √ Friendly √ LOUD
√ Chipmunk on crack √ Demon √ Supportive
√ A Business woman √ DJ √ Not a bad scripter

I love:
√ Squids √ Making Friends √ Goofin off √ Talking √ The Arts
√ Exploring √ Chipmunks on Crack √ Hockey
√ My Family √ Portugese Kittehs √ Dutch Stalkers
√ Building and Texturing

I hate:
√ Blind TPs √ Whiney PPL √ Drama √ Circus Clowns
√ Stupidity

You can contact me in one of the various worlds, or hit my contact page and send me an email.
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