My Resume

About Me:
-SL Name: Bri McMahon
-SL Birthday: 2/20/2007
-Country: USA
-Time Zone: -7 GMT (US Mountain Time)
-Account: Age Verfied and Payment Info Used

-I Play various genres of music, and prefer to play a mix during a set. I also like to play songs that go along with an event theme if there is one. I can stick to a set genre, but am a DJ that encourages requests and plays them as quickly as possible.

-I do use mic and you will hear my voice, however, I am a DJ, not a radio jockey, I personally feel that more music and less gab is important at a party, unless it is a fund raising benefit.

About My Experience:
– RL Musician
– DJ for off Second Life Shoutcast station called the Under Dark (genres played were Jazz and Blues/Metal and Mosh)
– Club and Events Manager in Second Life
-DJ in Second Life since 2007

Places Where I have worked/played/managed:

-US Military Veterans’ Center: (Hostess, Events Planner, DJ, Manager)
-Wild Fantasy (DJ)
-Cursed Desires (DJ)
-Hot & Naughty (DJ)
-Nevermore Island Entertainment (DJ, Hostess, Events Planner, Owner)
-USGS Club (DJ)
-Nevermore Tavern (DJ, Owner)
-Private Events/Parties (DJ, Hostess, Organizer)
-Weddings (DJ, Planner)
-Community Events (DJ, Organizer, Hostess)
-Bacholer/Bachelorette Parties (DJ, Organizer)
-Soulidium (DJ)
-Twisted Chaos (DJ)

Places where I currently Play/Work:

-US Military Veterans’ Center (Hostess, DJ, Manager)
-Nevermore Island Entertainment (DJ, Hostess, Events Planner, Owner)
-Private Events/Parties (DJ, Hostess, Organizer)
-Weddings (DJ, Planner)
-Community Events (DJ, Organizer, Hostess)
-Bacholer/Bachelorette Parties (DJ, Organizer)
-Club Fluid (DJ)
-Baby Showers (DJ)
-Club Damned (DJ)

Community and Charity Events:
-Burning Life 2010 (DJ)
-RFL 2010 (DJ Passionate Redheads Team)
-RFL 2009 (DJ and Team Event Planner for the US Military Veterans for RFL in SL)
-Autism Awarness Benefit 2010 (Hostess and event planner)
-Military Veterans Center Benefit 2008 (Hostess)
-Military Veterans Center Benefit 2009 (Hostess)
-Military Veterans Center Benefit 2010 (Hostess)
-Wounded Warriors Project Benefit 2010 (Hostess)

Other Information:
-Software: Sam Broadcaster
-Streams: two streams, 1 30 listeners; 1 100 listeners

-Genres include but not limited to: Rock in all its forms, including Death Metal, Punk and Grunge, Country, Blues, Hip Hop, RnB, Jazz, Classical

My Rates:
-Benefits and charity will work for free
-350 L / Hour and 100% tips
-450 L / Hour and no tips
-550 L / Hour and 100% tips for last minute bookings (less then 24 hours notice)
-For a regular job as a DJ, rates are negotiable.
-I usually do not work for just tips, special circumstances only.

Available Hours:
-Usually Available from 2 PM SLT to 4 AM SLT except for the hours already booked on my calendar. Other times can be done with arrangements made in advance.

My Schedule:

Other Skills:
-Web design, including php, css, mysql
-Minor Scripting
-Owners of Nevermore Island and Tamerlane Estates
-Partner in the Shop QnC (Quaint and Curious)
-Artist in various mediums including computer generated

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