Tamerlane Continent In Inworldz – Ligeia Laid To Rest.

After some issues, Ligeia was laid to rest. We still do visit Inworldz from time to time, but not often. We have branched out to OSG and working on our own grid. Stay tuned for details.

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Tamerlane Continent going up in Inworldz – Ligeia born.

For over a year now, Nevermore and Tamerlane estates has been considering expanding from SL to IW. We are going to stay in SL, but never hurts to get a foot in the door to a new grid that can help expand your business.

Nick Balers has brought in the first sim for the estates, Ligeia. At Nevermore Island, we also have a way to communicate between the two grids thanks to Spectre Draconia, my personal favorite asgard.
We were able to have an event last wednesday in the square on Nevermore, with people in Inworldz using the relay chat. It was a lot of fun!

The US Military Vet Center from SL is also now in Inworldz too. Stop on in, construction still underway. Stay tuned for updates!

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