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Updates To The Site :)

A bit about the recent updates:

  1. I have left Smallwords.  I will not be updating anything here for it.  I have removed it from the blog all together.
  2. If it’s gone from SL and I have no pictures of the place to show as a memory, the post has been removed. I will be keeping the posts of some of the places I loved that have pictures.
  3. If it’s old news and totally irrelevant anymore, it’s gone.
  4. I am still grid hopping, I just don’t really feel Inworldz is for me too much.  I am still in OSG, and working on a beta test grid with a couple of my friends currently.
  5. All LOTRO content will be moved to a new blog specific for gaming.

I still might do some re-editing of categories and things later.

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