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A Day In My Metaverse…. Family time and stuff :)

Sept 10th, 2010 – Second Life

Found my Native American Outfit just to find out that the one I needed before, the old lady had disappeared out of my inventory…

Also logged in to find out that our musician Kina Babii didn’t show up for the second time… YEAH! *grumbles some stuff*.. As you can see, my avatar doesn’t even look amused by this information… 🙂


So.. First event in the speakeasy today, Best In Old PPL with DJ Zhoom (my pixel son) and Hostess Mafi (my niece)
Topic of conversation went like this for a while:
[16:12] Mafalda Hienrichs: take a look at this
[16:12] Bri McMahon: grammmamma puckers at clad
[16:12] Mafalda Hienrichs: it’s a small video
[16:12] Mafalda Hienrichs:
[16:12] Bri McMahon: k
[16:12] Mafalda Hienrichs: *grins*
[16:14] Bri McMahon passes the fuck out
[16:14] Bri McMahon: grammmammma couldnt take it
[16:14] Bri McMahon: busted hip and taht…
[16:14] Bri McMahon: she had a stroke…
[16:14] Bri McMahon: *!!!Muahhaaahaa!!!* :)~~~~
[16:14] Bri McMahon: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!!!!!!
[16:14] Mafalda Hienrichs: ROFLMAO
[16:14] Bri McMahon: holy shit…
[16:14] Bri McMahon: lol
[16:15] Bri McMahon: what a way for an old woman to die…
[16:15] Bri McMahon: *!!!Muahhaaahaa!!!* :)~~~~
[16:16] Mafalda Hienrichs: mega hip cleavage shot too, I nearly choked on my coffee.
[16:16] Now playing: Kiss When The Sun Don’t Shine (Airscape Remix) – Vengaboys
[16:16] Bri McMahon: uh huh
[16:16] Zhoom Aeon: o.o
[16:16] Bri McMahon: i had to watch it a couple times…
[16:16] Mafalda Hienrichs: me too, shhhh ;x
[16:16] Bri McMahon: i wasnt sure
[16:17] Bri McMahon smirks
[16:17] Bri McMahon: damn he’s hawt
[16:17] Bri McMahon: lol
[16:17] Mafalda Hienrichs: *sighs*
[16:20] Mafalda Hienrichs: we have magic to thank for that vid, he sent me the link
[16:20] Mafalda Hienrichs: a sports newspaper was talking about it online
[16:20] Bri McMahon: MAGIC I WUV YOU!!
[16:20] Bri McMahon: *!!!Muahhaaahaa!!!* :)~~~~

Said Video

The Old PPL event was a lot of fun, I think those of us who dressed up looked great. 🙂

Me, Mafi and Zhoom with Sabby in the background (YOUNG WIPPER SNAPPER!!) 🙂

Clad, me, Mafi, Zhoom, in the back Medesca and DAM.

The Native American event went really well, but I didn’t get a chance to take photos of it. :/ I was too busy djing and talking to ppl. 😉

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