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What a past few days…..

I know it’s been a few days since I last posted anything on here, but let me tell ya, it’s been a crazy few days!

I haven’t left the island since… uhh… Saturday. Body Tattoo event over at Fluid. I had to think about that because I have been so busy I don’t go anywhere. lol

I shockingly applied to DJ @ Burning Life. Shocking because even though I am a good dj, I sometimes lack the sense that I am good enough, especially when mixed in the pool with DJs like Bard Wasp… I guess we shall see if I get accepted or not. Wish me luck anyway! 🙂

I managed to get my first skullduggery stocking 5 pack up into my shop at least. Mafi showed me same great poses she picked up over at Posies, and that place can be addicting! Cute stuff, plus I did manage to pick up some really cute free gifts for subscribing to her subscribo. I think I like it almost as much as one of my favorite shops, Glitterati.

Skullduggery Pack 1

Skullduggery Pack 1

Me Mafi and Mami

Me, Mafi and Mami playing with one of the past cool gifts from Glittertati

I spent yesterday doing mass events @ Nevermore Park.. I have to say yesterday was an interesting day to say the least. I am kinda glad it’s over atm…

But on a good note, I did manage to pretty much finish the new park design. Here’s a sneak peak of it. Back to the sculpted, romantic look! I still have a bit left to do, and will post more photos when it’s done.

Nevermore Park

Nevermore Park

I think as soon as I get the haunted house done and our sim wide trick or treat trail hunt done, I am taking a WORK BREAK for a little while!

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