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There’s an alien in my watermellons!!

SL Epicness and Quotifications for Wed Sept 15, 2010

This all happened during the time I was filling in for DJ Zhoom Aeon at our Silly Outfit Event @ Nevermore Square @ Nevermore Island, Second Life.
Note: Pay attention to the bolded details, color of the bits go together…. 🙂

[17:30] Caroolina Cooperstone: but u´re still grey to meee
[17:30] Mami Deerhunter: me?
[17:30] Mami Deerhunter: grey?

[17:30] Mafalda Hienrichs: mommy, we should go hunt. I feel a need to parade around SL looking like this
[17:31] Caroolina Cooperstone: yeah..i only see the cup, meat n spageti
[17:31] Caroolina Cooperstone: lol
[17:31] Bri McMahon: lmao
[17:31] Mami Deerhunter: loooool
[17:31] Jonas Hanly: lol
[17:31] Mafalda Hienrichs: true story.
[17:31] Mafalda Hienrichs: POE applications are on, btw auntie and sabby
[17:31] Mafalda Hienrichs: they’re on the website this year
[17:32] Mami Deerhunter: any better?
[17:32] Bri McMahon: ok
[17:32] Bri McMahon: ty
[17:33] Mafalda Hienrichs: ?
[17:33] Mafalda Hienrichs: omg LOL
[17:33] Now playing: Dragonfly – Shaman’s Harvest
[17:33] Caroolina Cooperstone: *Giggles insanely*
[17:34] Mafalda Hienrichs: remember this one?
[17:34] Jonas Hanly: lol
[17:34] Caroolina Cooperstone: so cuteee
[17:34] Mami Deerhunter: oohh that one
<-Conversational Shift Starts Briefly…->
[17:35] Bri McMahon: i am in lust with this dude’s voice..
[17:35] Caroolina Cooperstone: 😀
[17:36] Mafalda Hienrichs: I’m still resizing mine
[17:36] Mafalda Hienrichs: lol
[17:36] Mafalda Hienrichs: it’s tiny!!!

[17:36] Sabryne Rhode: ya
[17:36] Bri McMahon: …..
[17:36] Now playing: Tainted Love – Marylin Manson
[17:36] Sabryne Rhode: he sounds good
[17:36] Mami Deerhunter: yours was broken, remember mafy?
[17:36] Bri McMahon: i am talkn about lust
[17:36] Mafalda Hienrichs: it’s not anymore.

[17:37] Caroolina Cooperstone: i remember dat 1st hunt with mamiii
[17:37] Bri McMahon: she says shes resizing tiny…
[17:37] Bri McMahon: *!!!Muahhaaahaa!!!* :)~~~~
[17:37] Mafalda Hienrichs: -.-
[17:37] Mafalda Hienrichs: LOL
[17:37] Bri McMahon: lol
[17:37] Bri McMahon: i have no clue
[17:37] Bri McMahon: i just walked in and saw lust resizing and tiny

[17:37] Bri McMahon: you knowhow my mind works…
[17:38] Mafalda Hienrichs: ok, now it’s the right size
[17:39] Bri McMahon: *!!!Muahhaaahaa!!!* :)~~~~
[17:39] Bri McMahon: ?.·:*´¨`*:·.? I’m Innocent ?.·:*´¨`*:·.?
[17:39] Bri McMahon: omg
[17:39] Bri McMahon slaps herself
[17:39] Sabryne Rhode: lol
[17:39] Mafalda Hienrichs: THE BIKE!
[17:39] Mafalda Hienrichs: rofl

[17:39] Mami Deerhunter: poor sis!
[17:39] Bri McMahon: lmao
[17:39] Jonas Hanly: lol, we all know better
[17:39] Bri McMahon: what?
[17:39] Mami Deerhunter: like mother like daughter
[17:39] Caroolina bites Mami’s neck gently.
[17:39] Bri McMahon: that i have a dirty mind??
[17:39] Mami Deerhunter: or the other way around
[17:39] Mami Deerhunter: in any case

<-Conversational Shift Back To Hunt Items…->
[17:39] Mafalda Hienrichs: ok mommy, now I wanna go hunting like THIS
[17:39] Mafalda Hienrichs: lol
[17:39] Bri McMahon: mafi knows full well how my brain works
[17:39] Now playing: If You Only Knew – Shine Down
[17:39] Mami Deerhunter: a bunch of crazies
[17:40] Mafalda Hienrichs: Ooooh shine down
[17:40] Sabryne Rhode: lol
[17:40] Mafalda Hienrichs: you know I’m gonna request 45 now..
[17:40] Mafalda Hienrichs: *giggles*
[17:40] Bri McMahon: lol up next 😛
[17:40] Mafalda Hienrichs: yay!
[17:40] Intan Feminime Dance Ball: Play dance sprite in random mode
[17:40] SilkyRose Nirvana is Offline
[17:40] Sabryne Rhode: YEEHAW!
[17:40] Bri McMahon: i love this freakin song
[17:40] Caroolina Cooperstone: ::::::: I ? THIS T U N E ! ! ! ::::::: HOoOoOUlalalala 🙂
[17:41] Bri McMahon: this is my epic Shinedown song like yours is 45
[17:41] Jonas Hanly: ok. Carool. this is how people look when truly grey
[17:41] Mafalda Hienrichs: *GIGGLES*
[17:41] Caroolina Cooperstone: lool
[17:41] Mafalda Hienrichs: omg the bike was still tiny for my arms…
[17:41] Caroolina Cooperstone: they look small lol
[17:42] Mafalda Hienrichs: there, now I can dance and wear my bike. lol
[17:43] Caroolina Cooperstone: *Giggles insanely*
[17:43] Caroolina Cooperstone: iaikess
[17:43] Mafalda Hienrichs: *GIGGLES*
[17:43] Now playing: 45 – Shine Down
[17:43] Mami Deerhunter: we can do the international affair hunt
[17:43] Mafalda Hienrichs: this song is so pretty (‘:
[17:43] Mami Deerhunter: small
[17:43] Mami Deerhunter: only 48
[17:43] Mafalda Hienrichs: oh cool
[17:44] Mami Deerhunter: and a few stores we like
[17:44] Mami Deerhunter: *GIGGLES*
[17:44] Bri McMahon: lol i was tryin to NOT laugh on mi…
[17:44] Mafalda Hienrichs: and I get to look retarded to the public eye 😀
[17:44] Bri McMahon: mic
[17:44] Caroolina Cooperstone: is dat a site with all the hunts?
[17:44] Caroolina Cooperstone: there*
[17:44] Mami Deerhunter: yeah
[17:44] Mami Deerhunter: the hunt locations
[17:44] Caroolina Cooperstone: show meee
[17:44] Caroolina Cooperstone: 😀
[17:44] Bri McMahon: omg
[17:44] Bri McMahon: bike bouncin JUJU
[17:44] Bri McMahon: *!!!Muahhaaahaa!!!* :)~~~~

[17:44] Mami Deerhunter:
[17:44] Mafalda Hienrichs: LMAO
[17:44] Jonas Hanly: lol
[17:44] Mafalda Hienrichs: yuuuuuuuus!
[17:44] Sabryne Rhode: lol
[17:45] Mafalda Hienrichs: wati made this dance LOL
[17:45] Mami Deerhunter: I cant bounce
[17:45] Mami Deerhunter: I might loose my meat ball
[17:45] Bri McMahon: lmao
[17:45] Caroolina Cooperstone: *Giggles insanely*
[17:45] Bri McMahon: omg
[17:45] Caroolina Cooperstone: u catch it
[17:45] Bri McMahon: i am laughig so hard i snorted..
[17:45] Caroolina Cooperstone: i*
[17:45] Caroolina Cooperstone: lmao
[17:45] Mafalda Hienrichs: ROFLMAO
[17:45] Mami Deerhunter: *GIGGLES*
[17:45] Jonas Hanly looks up in teh bottom of Bris barrel
[17:45] Bri McMahon: i gots pants…
[17:46] Bri McMahon: well
[17:46] Jonas Hanly: i know. jsut had to look anyway
[17:46] Mami Deerhunter: omg J looks creepy
[17:46] Mami Deerhunter: /e runs away
[17:46] Jonas Hanly: lol

[17:46] Mafalda Hienrichs: j should be dancing on my bike’s basket.
[17:46] Mafalda Hienrichs: *nods*
[17:46] Mafalda Hienrichs: like my tiny alien sidekick of dorkness.

[17:47] Jonas Hanly: hmm. ok
[17:47] Bri McMahon: hahahaa
[17:47] Caroolina Cooperstone: lol
[17:47] Mafalda Hienrichs: yaaaaay!
[17:47] Mami Deerhunter: omg
[17:47] Mami Deerhunter: what a bunch of nuts
[17:47] Mafalda Hienrichs: oh shoot! voting time!
[17:47] Jonas Hanly: lol
[17:47] Now playing: Call Me When You’re Sober – Evanesence
[17:47] Mami Deerhunter: LMAO
[17:47] Mafalda Hienrichs: vooote and stuffs ?
[17:47] Caroolina Cooperstone: *Giggles insanely*
[17:47] Mami Deerhunter: Voted!
[17:47] Caroolina Cooperstone: voted 😀
[17:48] Mami Deerhunter: and stuffs
[17:48] Jonas Hanly presses his little grey finger ona vote button
[17:48] Bri McMahon: J vote
[17:48] Bri McMahon: lol
[17:48] Caroolina Cooperstone: *Giggles insanely*
[17:48] Bri McMahon: omg…
[17:48] Jonas Hanly: you know Bri. once you go Grey….. lol

[17:48] Caroolina Cooperstone: wanna be ma petalien?
[17:48] Bri McMahon: and that sleeps on mybed when he logs out??
[17:48] Caroolina Cooperstone: *Giggles insanely*
[17:48] Mafalda Hienrichs gave you silly @ Nevermore: There’s an alien in my watermellons!!.
[17:49] Jonas Hanly: make sure you change the sheets dear lol

[17:49] Caroolina Cooperstone: Oh My GAWD!
[17:49] Caroolina Cooperstone: OMG!! sooo cute
[17:49] Mafalda Hienrichs: sorry auntie, you rolled in front of J when I was sending him so you got it twice LOL
[17:49] Bri McMahon: lol
[17:49] Bri McMahon: np
[17:49] Mami Deerhunter: loooool

*NOTE*  This is not the image Mafi took, I took my own supporting image for this blog purposes.

There’s an alien in my watermellons!!

There’s an alien in my watermellons!!

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Faulty Logic….

[22:27] Sabryne Rhode covers kayle’s innocent eyes
[22:27] Bri McMahon: wait wait
[22:27] Kayle Flanagan: ..
[22:27] Bri McMahon: WAIT
[22:27] Bri McMahon: HOLD ONE MIN
[22:27] Bri McMahon: ok
[22:27] Bri McMahon: you all say i am not innocent
[22:27] Bri McMahon: but yet THE DUTCH PERV IS???
[22:27] Sabryne Rhode: lol
[22:27] Bri McMahon: lets go over that logic….
[22:28] Kayle Flanagan: yea even i thought that looked wrong

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